Monday, July 20, 2009

Wave API Hackathon (Silicon Valley) Demos

Here is the demos of the Wave Hackathon that occurred in Googleplex. Thanks to Alan (aka Captain Al) of Google for creating the writeup.

If you have wave sandbox account, you can view Captain Al's (geez, it just sounds cool) writeup at this wave:,restored:contact,,!w%252B1ryRLbxG%2525A

For those people who do not have wave sandbox account, the writeup is copy&pasted here:

Demo line-up:

Concurrent-safe gadgets (by Avital Oliver)

Gadget URL:

What is does: Here's a gadget that accurately counts how many clicks it has had (even if two people click at the same time). Everyone modifies a separate key.

How: Each click generates a new random key. Values are Javascript expressions that encode the operations necessary to calculate the sum.

Gadget uses eval.

Comment that running arbitrary expressions via eval has security implications which can be solved

A robot (which didn't work during the demo) can read the bloated gadget state and "normalize" it by eval'ing all of the expressions and replacing them with one expression that represents the combination of them all. (Written using Rhino, a Java implementation of Javascript based on Mozilla) - POC at, invite after adding gadget for now

A Good Robot: Wave Defender (by Kabriel & Frank)

Robot Address:

Allows users to stop "bad" or unauthorised changes to their waves.

Intended for automatic forum-style moderation

Can complain, but don't yet know how to roll-back. (Kabriel: Please come talk to Alan)

Can be configured with specially formatted text in wavelet body, but it would be nice to be able to create a control channel (in the form private reply with an embedded GUI) when the robot is added.

Q: Is the source for this robot available?

A: If we can get it to work in a reasonable way it could be open sourced. However it is currently not useful.

ActionScript Library (by Sung Wu)

Library URL:

Photo browser gadget URL:

Button counter gadget URL:

What: Flash gadgets using ActionScript & OpenSource ActionScript Library

Why: Users can include this library and not touch JavaScript, only using Actionscript for their gadget

Coolness: demo of image gallery from Google I/O - two users see other users navigating

Confybot (by the Ribbit team)

Matt Taylor ( & Kevin Gillett (

To get into the Ribbit REST beta email Mat and Kevin


What: makes conference calls by dialing every number listed in the wave

Uses Ribbit service for transcription

Can fetch MP3s into the wave (it works!)

Can fetch transcriptions into the wave too! woo!

See for APIs (OAuth, REST based, currently in private beta)

Calendar Gadget (by Elizabeth)

Allows embedding a public google calendar as a gadget in a wave

Because of limitations of the google calender embed api's it is read only

Twiliobot / Clackpoint (by Evan and Kyle)

click-to-call in wave

twilio bot finds all the phone numbers in a wave and inserts a form-element call button.

Call button -> inserts gadget into wave, collects your number

Appends transcript of phone conversation to wave.

First bot-transcription

Later human-transcription

Then MP3

I think we should get Dominoes to call Pizza Hut.

we'll get an MP3 of the ensuing chaos.

And another Gadget!

clackpoint: audio chat gadget

Free RESTful api.

RickRolley (by David Byttow)

Try it yourself!lf!

System requirements: sound card, speakers, and no taste for music

AmaWave - a variation of AmaTwit (by Kevin Marks)

You're talking about something and you realize you want to refer to a book.

Type the name of a book in such a book: and it will make a hyperlink to Amazon

Waverly - Breaking News Bot

Wikipedia (Tom)

When you add wikystuff, it puts your wave content into the Wiki

Wave helps with:

concurrent editing


spelling (with spelly)

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