Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Notes from Seth Covitz's talk on Wave at Google Technology User Group

Some notes from Seth Covitz's Wave talk tonight.

  • Documents are used for content (blips) and data (data documents)
  • Documents contains xml and annotations
  • Annotation can specify range. Avoiding xml’s nesting problem
  • Documents are stored as a series of deltas
  • Delta is xml format too.
  • Different clients will have to take the documents and render it the same way.
  • Even if operations are applied in different order, they will still result in same data (operational transformation research)

For wave gadgets:

You may not want to update the gadget ui when user interact with it, you should just generate a state change, then wait for the state callback to change ui.

Seth demoed a +1 gadget. He also demoed a wave gadget being embedded on igoogle using embed API.

Wave is indexed in realtime. There is indexer watching change and update index for your search.

Hook extensions

  • Extending the google wave client
    • Keyboard action, etc

Robot architecture

  • too concentrated on listening. Didn't copy things down.

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