Monday, July 13, 2009

Tonight's Google Wave Meetup presented by David Byttow

David Byttow presented Wave API in tonight's Bay Area Google Wave Meetup. Here are some of the notes I wrote down.

In the beginning of today’s session, David goes through embed, gadget, and robot API. Then he went into something new and exciting: Zombies (I know... it is not really not great a name). Zombies are robots running on the client-side, most likely inside the gadgets.


- robots running on the client

- client-side sandbox environment

- allows gadgets to have robots-like api

example uses:

- syntax highlighting

- auto-correction and formatting

- client ui modification

Zombies is an internal name, it may not be released under this name. Several people in the meetup suggested the name Implant instead of Zombies as they feel that is a more accurate description.

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