Sunday, July 12, 2009

Change non-Eclipse SVN project to Android Eclipse project

Some Android project on svn may not be an Eclipse project. To get the convenience of ADT, we may wish to transform them to Android Eclipse project. The following are the steps:

Make sure you have the following plugins installed:
- Android plugins for Eclipse
- Subclipse
We assume that you have already configured Eclipse for Android development.

(The following description and screenshots comes from Eclipse Ganymede version).
  1. import from svn by doing the usual file->new->other->check out project from svn
  2. select "check out as a project configured using new project wizard"
  3. select android project
  4. find out the package name and the class that extends Activity class and enter in the info. eg.
  5. create the project.
  6. You may see a build error caused by conflicting Under src directory, there is a, which conflicts with the generated by Android project under gen directory. Delete under src directory. (You may wish to do a diff of the two files first).
  7. clean and rebuild and make sure there is no error.
Hope it helps.


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