Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Wave Collaborative Editing

I experienced something incredible when many attendees (William, Hitesh, etc and me) are doing the collaborative note-taking. It is quite a sight to see multiple users editing at the same time. It is even better when I realize that I will have a note that is 10x better and I can concentrate more on listening rather than busy note-taking. The power of collaborative editing through wave is a tsunami in terms of its magnitude.

Imagine this in classroom: every class session will have a wave, multiple students will perfect the notes.
Imagine this in conference.
Imagine this in a meeting for meeting minute.

1 comment:

  1. Right on. I see the same exact possibility. Wave may not be the end-all-be-all platform, but it sure is for certain uses. It'll require the right combinations of robots and gadgets, but with Google force and so many interested developers that time will soon come.