Monday, June 8, 2009

iPhone, Android, and Palm Pre units sold

Here are a few items found from the Internet about how many units was sold for each of the 3 phones.

Stat as of 2009/06/08

Number of units

Number of apps


40million (June 2009, before new iphone launches. It will surely increases after new iPhone launches.)

1st generation: 146k sold in first weekend

3g version: 1m sold in first weekend

50000 (June 2009)


1m g1 sold on t-mobile in Mar or Apr 09 according to one blog (approximately 5 or 6 months after launch).

According to another blog, 1m g1 is sold in 71 days (faster than 1st generation iphone)

Palm pre

Estimate 50k sold in first weekend (June 8, 2009)


Source: Iphone and Palm Pre figures: MG Siegler

Source: android data:

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