Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Google Wave API Introduction

What type of things you can do beyond the standard Wave:

Developers can use the Wave API to extend the functionalities. Wave API allow us to implement new application that runs on Wave server (ie. Robot api), or client-side application that runs within a wave (ie. Gadget api). It also allows external website to add Wave functionalities to their site (ie. Embed api).

3 types of Wave API

  1. Robot
  2. Gadget
  3. Embed


Robot api allows developer to build an automated program that fills the role of a Wave participant.

API Language: Java, Python

The example of what this api can do include:

Translation robot: robot that automatically translates the text.

Link robot: robot that automatically change the typed link into a hyperlink.


Gadgets are client-side program that can be run inside a wave. Wave itself is a gadget container.

API language: javascript

example: putting a voting gadget within the conversation to allow people to vote on a particular choice.


Embed api allows another web site to embed Wave on it. Right now, this is still quite limited. It basically contains an iframe where you can place a WavePanel in it. Then the website can add participant, add reply, or load an existing conversation.

API language: javascript

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