Sunday, August 2, 2009

This week should be called Google Wave Week in Silicon Valley

Well, it was not really an official thing, but there are enough exciting Wave events in Silicon Valley to make every wave enthusiasts abuzz with the nice tinkling feeling. :)

1. First of all, Bay Area Wave Meetup
time: Monday, 2009/08/03
organizer/contact: Lawrence Wong

Topic: Presentation by Jochen Bekmann on wave federation. Jochen is a part of Sydney's Google Wave team.

2. Google Technology User Group on Wave
Time: Wednesday, 2009/08/05
organizer/contact: Van Riper

Topic: wave extensions

3. Then the crown jewel: 3 day GTUG (Google Technology User Group) campout
Time: Friday, 2009/08/07-2009/08/09 Organizer/contact: Van Riper

This is a 3 day hackathon focus on wave or other Google technology.


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